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by Chuck Peavey 8. October 2012 05:07

Beach Clean Up

SurfRider Foundation Beach Cleanup

Last Saturday, I was invited to help with a beach cleanup with the SurfRider foundation. Not generally my cup of tea (so to speak) but a tremendous opportunity to meet people who know a whole lot more about the plastic in the ocean than I do and let's face it, plastic in the ocean is probably my biggest passion right now.

Together we collected about 35 pounds of garbage. I personally added less than 1/2 pound but in my defense, I collected nearly 100 cigarette butts which tend to be labor intensive and very toxic containing such wonderful chemicals as Benzopyrene (carcinogen), Arsenic, Acetone, Formaldehyde and Ammonia. They are such a big issue even ABC News had something to say about it.

Speaking of The Environment

Afterward, each participant had an opportunity to introduce themselves and say a bit about what got them interested in getting plastics out of the ocean anyway. It was very informative and this was a  great group of people.
But one thing stood out to me. It seemed to be the consensus that businesses are to blame for all the problems. Whenever someone spoke about how they want to make sure business quits destroying the environment, they would get resounding cheers. I'm reminded of the jokes about hippies in the 60s "sticking it to the man."

But this is where I differ from my environmental compatriots. I believe the key is engaging business. I believe if we let business leaders and Entrepreneurs know what the real issues are, the business community will want to help and will find the solutions.


All We Are Saying...

Another great hippy, John Lennon put it best, "Give Peace a Chance!" It's time for the environmental community to stop the war against business and engage us in helping find the solution.

Three (3) years ago, I had no idea there was plastic in the ocean and when I heard about it, I didn't believe it. After doing a lot of research and actually talking with Captain Charles Moore I came to believe plastic in the ocean is the biggest issue we have to deal with on this planet and the best way to do that is for the Environmental Community to stop talking to each other about the Business Community and start engaging them in that conversation.

Sustainable Businesses Are The Key

Teaching businesses how to be sustainable, helping them learn about the real environmental threats and engaging them in limiting plastic in the ocean is absolutely the key to fixing this problem and that's what we're focusing on with

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