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Environment Along the John Muir Trail

by chuck 4. November 2010 05:04

John Muir - Founder of the Sierra Club

The John Muir

John Muir was an explorer back around 1900 and he really thought a lot of the High Sierra Mountains. So much so, he made it a point to bring about the preservation of Yosemite National Park and in 1892, became one of the cofounders of the Sierra Club.

I think the most important thing about John Muir was how much he valued the vast beauty of the wilderness and believed it was important for people to see what it had to offer so they would know it was (and still is) worth protecting.

The John Muir Trail

Depending on who you talk to, the John Muir Trail (JMT) is 211 to 236 miles. Construction began about a year after John Muir’s death and the region he spent most of his life exploring.


Trekking Through a Wilderness

I’m not the fastest hiker around and when I am going over 12,000 feet one day and back down to 8,000 feet the next day so I can do it all again the following day, I tend to slow a bit more. But I figured I could do about 100 miles of the JMT in the 9 days I was able to get out of the office in August.

The Route

I started at North Lake and went up over Piute Pass

A few days later, I was waking up on a beautiful river next to an amazing meadow. My boots were drying in the rocks because I slipped crossing a river the day before, oops!

On top of a really big mountain, Muir Hut

Attack Marmots – This little guy waits until you put down your pack and walk away, then chews through the bottom to eat what he can

Algae – Possibly the key to future sustainability and bio-fuels

Alpaca – Alternate form of transportation

Laundry Day – you know, people used to do it this way before those fancy washin mocheens was invented

Fire Down Below – There was a fire way down the canyon but at 11,000 feet elevation where it’s already hard to breathe on a hot 80+ degree day,… well, it was a challenge to stay on pace

Who would have thought there would be a suspension bridge way out here? Very impressive though.

This was a beautiful place to wake up

Charlotte Lake… Hiking over Kearsarge Pass to conclude this trip. I still have about 120 miles to explore, I’m looking forward to next year but first, some real food. You’d be surprised how good a gas station egg salad sandwich tastes after 10 days eating trail food.

To learn more about my exploration of wilderness areas, come visit me at

Chuck Peavey
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