How Small Businesses Learn to Be Green In Business


My primary background is as an Engineer.  I spent a significant part of my life writing video games including Lode Runner, Dark Chambers and One on One Basketball for the Atari XE and The X-Files for the Playstation.

In 1998, I created Universal Net, a custom web development company and still run the company to this day.

As it happens, I grew up in a small mountain town in Utah.  I spent most of my life hiking and camping.  Now, I'm a leader for the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club and part of becoming a leader for the Sierra Club is training on our environment and the ecosystems of the various terrain.

One of the things I've noticed is that it doesn't really need to take a lot of effort to make ecological changes in my personal life and in the structure of my business to encourage sustainability and a Greener approach to business.  Most of this we have done through minor modifications to our client web sites.

I already site the case of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology in my first blog entry. I'd include the Irvine Public Schools Foundation who is able to manage the after school program for 26 schools using our technology (that's a lot of paper and a lot of meetings people don't need to drive to get to) and NAVCO Security who use our web technology to manage their entire sales team across the nation and handle customer support issues.  Again requiring less paper and less travel all because of a web site.

I realized that it doesn't take that much to make a difference.  Honestly, I'm not so sure there is anything we can do about Global Climate Change.  I do believe that dependence on oil is an issue.  I do believe that I like a clear sky with clean air more than the smog of Los Angeles and even though I live in Newport Beach, I can't bring myself to swim in the raw sewage that gets released down the Santa Ana river into the Pacific Ocean every week or two (by accident I've been told).

Lest I forget, the giant Plastic Vortex in the middle of the Pacific Ocean really freaks me out.  If there was one thing I'd like to change... I'd like to make this go away and never come back.

This is what lead me to create this blog.  I am an engineer, I understand most of the technical jargon.  I understand how it is used to confuse and manipulate us by the media searching for better ratings so they can sell us more stuff that doesn't really help the environment we live in.  I understand how other people with an agenda (politicians for example) can use this information to confuse the issues so we'll like them better than the other guy.  This Blog is a place I created to cut through some of that confusion and give all of us a chance to focus on places we can really make a difference.