How Small Businesses Learn to Be Green In Business

Green Marketing Guidelines of the FTC

by Chuck Peavey 25. October 2012 05:04

Federal Trade Commission Ruling Green

Tearing It UpThis may come as a surprise to my Treehugger friends but I couldn't be more delighted that the Federal Trade Commission is taking an interest in green claims and green product claims. In fact, a big reason for creating in the first place is that I wanted to help clean up the miss that is dishonest green marketing (Greenwashing). More...

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Exxon Mobile The Environmentalists!

by Chuck Peavey 10. November 2011 21:34

Exxon Mobile Creates Green U.S. Recycling Jobs

S.R. Wilmington heading to Seattle

That's what the news release by Basel Action Network (BAN) announced on November 8th, 2011. It's really an exciting development for the environmental community and a great example to the business community.

See, usually, these ships are sent to India and basically cut up and dropped in the ocean by children making less than $1.00 per day. In this case, skilled workers at a Seattle Shipyard are going to expertly detoxify the components, dismantle it and recycle as much of it as they can. More...

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How to Be Green in Business – First Steps (Video)

by Chuck Peavey 20. January 2011 10:04

12 Years Making Eco-Friendly Businesses

Of the last 12 years, I’ve been building custom web sites through my company Universal Net. It’s no secret that I believe technology is the key to getting us beyond the excessive use of natural resources that are so critical to our future survival. More...

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Eco-Friendly 5K in Los Angeles

by Chuck Peavey 11. November 2010 05:04

Green Running Events

There’s a new race organizer in town; Heather Heath, founder of Green Running Events.

The concept is easy, put on 5K races around the Los Angeles area and structure them so they have the least amount of impact on the environment.

You’d think it’s a no brainer but you’d be amazed how much paper, plastic and glass ends up in the landfill after an event like this.

Now may be a good time to mention that is a Green Certified business through and we’re proud to have them. More...

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Ecological Sustainability On Stage & Being a Tree Hugger

by Chuck Peavey 28. October 2010 05:04

Environmental Presentations that Sell

Last weekend, I participated in a huge event. It was really big for 3 reasons and I’m going to share them with you now…

Maurice DiMino – The Sicilian Mentor

Maurice DiMino - The Sicilian Mentor

 I want to introduce you to someone who believes very strongly in what we are doing here. Maurice DiMino; Maurice is one of the most powerful speakers you can ever hope to see and more importantly, he is willing to teach anyone how to be just as good as he is at speaking in public on stage.

If you want to know more about Maurice and if you want to learn what Maurice has been teaching me, you can register for his next boot camp, he holds them twice a year.

Let’s face it, if I’m going to get people to understand what I have to say, speaking in public is a valuable skill. So this is the first big thing, I got to learn from a true master, Maurice DiMino. More...

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Sustainability, do You Want a Bag with those fries?

by chuck 6. May 2010 22:42

A few hours ago, I went to Panda Express (no, I didn't get fries) to indulge my Orange Chicken addiction.  Of course, ToGo from any place like Panda Express is wasteful.  You get the Styrofoam container for your food.  You get the extra napkins, the plastic fork as well as the chopsticks (I always get chopsticks, don't really need the fork) and it all goes in a nice plastic bag so you can carry it to your car and up the stairs into the apartment without a lot of fuss where you take it out of the bag, eat it with the plastic fork then throw everything away. More...

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What is the point of "Going Green?"

by chuck 22. April 2010 20:34

I want to tell you how a client saved $26,000.00, 65 trees and 144,300 pounds of carbon per year just by putting a few files online.

I have a client, the American College of Veterinary Dermatology...  We built a web site for them, nothing special, that's what me and my team do.

They were happy with the site in general but there was a side effect we never considered.  As a college, they are training Veterinarians in the "Dermatology" specialty.  These students (Residents) are required to do case studies and the case studies are reviewed by Diplomates (not a misspelling) of the organization. More...

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