How Small Businesses Learn to Be Green In Business

Jack Tramiel - The End of an Era

by Chuck Peavey 11. April 2012 01:14

Jack TramielIf Technology is The Key to Being Green…

I’m deviating from my usual Green in Business theme today… well, maybe not! Because let’s face it, the easiest way to stop using all that paper and sitting in traffic for hours and hours a day is to work from the comfort of your own home on a computer, a “home” computer! And, that brings me to my point. More...

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Procter and Gamble - How to Be Green

by Chuck Peavey 21. October 2010 16:57

What is Ecology?

To me, this is exciting. Procter and Gamble have setup a web site called "Future Friendly" to help consumers learn more about how to be green. I read about it in an article at Advertising Age. Personally, I'm excited because I agree the biggest problem with becoming more ecologically sustainable in this country is a lack of education about what it means to be. More...

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Paper vs. Plastic, Really?

by chuck 29. April 2010 21:39

I'm not a tree hugger... seriously; I'm just a business owner who would like to leave some air behind for my children to breath when I'm done breathing air myself.

So I figure there are little things I can do like park at the far end of the parking lot and walk into the gym rather than driving around and around in circles looking for the closest parking spot... seriously, I'm getting on a bike or treadmill when I get in the gym anyway. More...

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