How Small Businesses Learn to Be Green In Business

Exxon Mobile The Environmentalists!

by Chuck Peavey 10. November 2011 21:34

Exxon Mobile Creates Green U.S. Recycling Jobs

S.R. Wilmington heading to Seattle

That's what the news release by Basel Action Network (BAN) announced on November 8th, 2011. It's really an exciting development for the environmental community and a great example to the business community.

See, usually, these ships are sent to India and basically cut up and dropped in the ocean by children making less than $1.00 per day. In this case, skilled workers at a Seattle Shipyard are going to expertly detoxify the components, dismantle it and recycle as much of it as they can. More...

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Why is BP in Control of The Gulf Cleanup

by Chuck Peavey 4. July 2010 14:28

Business Today

It's not easy doing business in this economy.  Well, maybe it is for you but I find I need to work longer hours, plan more and be more focused on what will bring in money.  I have a plan, I've come up with new ways to make my business more successful and now, it's time to follow that plan and quickly.  There is less leisure time for me now as I find new ways put these practices into my business and it's important that I'm not distracted by things that won't help me to create more success in my business. More...

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How The BP Oil Spill Is like a SQL Server Crash?

by Chuck Peavey 6. June 2010 08:20

SQL Server Crash

The Payoff

I know this Blog hasn't been around very long, it's only been about 6 weeks.  But just as things were starting to look good and traffic was starting to grow, my SQL Server crashed.  My objective here is to draw attention to simple ways we can all make a contribution to ecology and maybe draw some attention to other things I believe in. More...

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BP Oil Leak vs. Exxon Valdez

by Chuck Peavey 12. May 2010 15:46

In the world of greenness, very little gets as much attention as oil spilling into our oceans.  In fact, if you check Google Keyword Trends, you'll see that "BP Oil Spill" is in the top 10 and has been there since the spill.

I think we all know we're in for some trouble.  I've read that its spilling 5000 gallons per day; I've read it's spilling 60,000 gallons per day.  The press being the press, they got that wrong.  The measurement is in barrels.  Each barrel holds 42 gallons so that's between 210,000 gallons and 2,520,000 gallons per day. More...

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