How Small Businesses Learn to Be Green In Business

Food Waste as a Resource - Part 1 - Landfill Technology

by Chuck Peavey 19. August 2010 09:00

Are Landfills Green?

On June 7th, I was fortunate enough to attend the Thesis Defense presentations at the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies. I had the opportunity to hear Carolyn LaPrade present her topic “Food Waste as a Resource: Rethinking Our Waste Infrastructure” and I’ll never think of garbage the same way again. More...

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Wilderness Stewardship, Not Quite Leave No Trace

by Chuck Peavey 29. July 2010 09:00

Small Town Life

Cash National ForestI grew up in a small town in Utah. When I was in grade school, there was no cable television so on summer days, we had to find other things to do. If my brother and I even breathed we were board, my mom would send us out to climb a mountain or go to the swimming hole in the river or take our BB Guns and shoot some cans. More...

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Kleenex - Clear Cutting & Green Washing?

by Chuck Peavey 8. July 2010 10:19

Is Kleenex the Environmental Bad Guy?

I got an email a few days ago; a friend of mine is outraged at Kleenex.  Seems they don't already have enough uses for Virgin, Ancient Forest, they created a new Hand Towel for the bathroom.  If you haven't seen it, check out the commercial here...



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How The BP Oil Spill Is like a SQL Server Crash?

by Chuck Peavey 6. June 2010 08:20

SQL Server Crash

The Payoff

I know this Blog hasn't been around very long, it's only been about 6 weeks.  But just as things were starting to look good and traffic was starting to grow, my SQL Server crashed.  My objective here is to draw attention to simple ways we can all make a contribution to ecology and maybe draw some attention to other things I believe in. More...

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Sustainability, do You Want a Bag with those fries?

by chuck 6. May 2010 22:42

A few hours ago, I went to Panda Express (no, I didn't get fries) to indulge my Orange Chicken addiction.  Of course, ToGo from any place like Panda Express is wasteful.  You get the Styrofoam container for your food.  You get the extra napkins, the plastic fork as well as the chopsticks (I always get chopsticks, don't really need the fork) and it all goes in a nice plastic bag so you can carry it to your car and up the stairs into the apartment without a lot of fuss where you take it out of the bag, eat it with the plastic fork then throw everything away. More...

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Paper vs. Plastic, Really?

by chuck 29. April 2010 21:39

I'm not a tree hugger... seriously; I'm just a business owner who would like to leave some air behind for my children to breath when I'm done breathing air myself.

So I figure there are little things I can do like park at the far end of the parking lot and walk into the gym rather than driving around and around in circles looking for the closest parking spot... seriously, I'm getting on a bike or treadmill when I get in the gym anyway. More...

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