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Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) vs. Incandescent - Helping or Hurting

by Chuck Peavey 27. May 2010 11:19

CFLs and Mercury

I got called to the carpet today for recommending CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights).  The friend who did this brought up the fact that CFLs have Mercury in them while Incandescent Lights (the bulbs we're used to using) don't.

My friend presents a solid argument.  Mercury is bad.  It's the reason pregnant women shouldn't eat Tuna because Mercury has leached into our food supply.  Also, if you throw out your fluorescent light bulbs (including CFLs), they end up in the landfill and the Mercury leeches into our water supply and then you get to drink it. More...

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Tornados and Global Warming

by Chuck Peavey 20. May 2010 18:42

I think we're missing the point on this topic because there is really no way to know.  Are all the devastating tornados in Oklahoma being caused by global warming because of our use of fossil fuels?  Seriously, I don't know.  Seriously, it doesn't matter!  We can't let the media frenzy for anything sensational to put on the news so they can sell advertising define us or how we respond to our own environment. More...

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BP Oil Leak vs. Exxon Valdez

by Chuck Peavey 12. May 2010 15:46

In the world of greenness, very little gets as much attention as oil spilling into our oceans.  In fact, if you check Google Keyword Trends, you'll see that "BP Oil Spill" is in the top 10 and has been there since the spill.

I think we all know we're in for some trouble.  I've read that its spilling 5000 gallons per day; I've read it's spilling 60,000 gallons per day.  The press being the press, they got that wrong.  The measurement is in barrels.  Each barrel holds 42 gallons so that's between 210,000 gallons and 2,520,000 gallons per day. More...

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Sustainability, do You Want a Bag with those fries?

by chuck 6. May 2010 22:42

A few hours ago, I went to Panda Express (no, I didn't get fries) to indulge my Orange Chicken addiction.  Of course, ToGo from any place like Panda Express is wasteful.  You get the Styrofoam container for your food.  You get the extra napkins, the plastic fork as well as the chopsticks (I always get chopsticks, don't really need the fork) and it all goes in a nice plastic bag so you can carry it to your car and up the stairs into the apartment without a lot of fuss where you take it out of the bag, eat it with the plastic fork then throw everything away. More...

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